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Copyright 2008 Palmer Studios
Lyrics by Brewzer and BP
Arrangement by BP
Guitars, Bass by BP
Drums (programmed) by BP
Produced by BP

Ah yeah x4

My mate Rez has a heart of gold
He'd buy you more beer than you could hold
But there's just one thing up for debate
Every time we meet he's always f*cking late

Sat at the bar drinking on my own
I try to resist but I have to phone
Just how long are you gonna be?
Sorry pal couldn't find my keys

He's a faffer - always late
He's a faffer - procrastinate
He's a faffer - got the wrong date
He's a faffer - but he's still my best mate

Behind the wheel he's second to none
Before you know it he'll be doing a tonne
Why can't his urgency always be this great?
Then I realise it's coz we're f*cking late

When he's planning to leave he should allow for some more
If he has to go back to check the front door
From these things you'd think he might learn
After all these years how much time has he burned?


Rezonator, the Scumbag hater, 18th hole capitulator
Rezonator, procrastinator, don't wait around coz he'll be later
Rezonator, two pot screamer, better have a pint of water, or
Rezonator, five minutes later, deteriorator to spasticator

(Guitar solo)

One last fax and I'm on my way
I promise you boys I won't be late today
I'll be on time, don't you doubt me
Sorry boys you'd better start without me

Chorus x2

Rezman is a unique individual